We are september.


So, why September? What does September mean to you? Imagine two figures, any figures that share a bond, packed with tension, tenderness, resentment, as every human interaction. Their personal info and identities are thoroughly excluded. Gracefully wandering through a transition, together or as by-standers. September is all those moments we tend to forget or reminisce during our yearly transitions from summer to winter, from relaxation to work, from hope to nostalgia, from sweetness to bitterness. Fragmented, and perpetually ongoing, ever-expanding. This is September!! A concept store in the heart of Athens where many stories are about to be told and heard, here are lying many surprises, relationships are meant to be built. A glitz in the city’s gray landscape! Welcome to September!


Hello people, my name is Elissavet Mavrou. I am a proud cat mama of two, and yesh this is my go-to identifier. CAT MAMAS UNITE! I was born on 6/8/1991. I have graduated from the School of Art Studies, over at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. I majored in interior design, decoration and product design. Cool right? I KNOW! The best is yet to come as I started my own fashion blog in 2016: MAVRU. Apart from being a full time cat mother and blog mother, I am also the proud ma of september. I am really into daisies, women empowerment and llamas. If this is not enough for you to visit my store, then I do not know what is. To me september is not just a clothing store, but it is more of a colorful space where thrilling stories are written and people are connected by their mutual interests. If my statement about the daisies did not phase you at all, then BESTIE IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GET TO SOME SHOPPING!

are you coming along? are you coming along? are you coming along?
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